Frequently Asked Questions for Prospectives

Due to the high volume of emails, I am not able to respond to every email inquires. Here are some information that may be helpful.

PhD Program Application

Likely I am not able to reply to your inquiry about PhD application due to high volume of emails. I recruit students from CMU SCS programs (MLD, CSD), please apply to the these programs. CMU is committee-based, so there is little we can do before your full package get reviewed.

For undergraduate / Master students at CMU

We do sometimes offer opportunities for motivated students to participate in our projects. Please feel free to send me your CV. If we are looking for new students, I will get back to you. Please note that I may not get back to you if we don’t have something that fits as of now.

I contacted you and didn’t hear back

It is possible that I missed your email. Feel free to send me a reminder if you didn’t hear back after two weeks. If you still didn’t hear back, it is likely that I have read your email but cannot respond due to the high volume of inquiries. Check out this note to see if there are helpful information.